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Name:Mr. Charles Simanjuntak, SE [Marketing]
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Y!: chass_maximus@yahoo.com Y!: chass_maximus
Windows Live: charlessimanjuntak@windowslive.com charlessimanjuntak@windowslive.com
Skype: chass_maximus
Google Talk:  charles.pamduta@gmail.com  charles.pamduta@gmail.com
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Charles Simanjuntak, SE at Tangerang
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Charles Simanjuntak, SE at Tangerang
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Address:Ruko Golden Madrid 2 Blok H6-7, BSD City, Jl. Letnan Sutopo, Serpong
Tangerang 15323, Banten
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Registration Date:Jan. 18, 2007
Last Updated:Aug. 20, 2013
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Business Services category

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Company Brief

PT. Pameterindo Edukatama Aneka ( PAMDUTA) is a fast growing private company, duly organized in Indonesia as DISTRIBUTOR ( nationally) and AGENT ( internationally) for remarkable wellknown products below:
Domestic Water Meter for Residential & Apartment;
Bulk Water Meter for Commercial, Industrial & Municipal;
Flow Measurement for Oil, Slury, Chemical, Gas;
Electric Watt Meter and Energy Meter;
Auto Meter Reading ( AMR) Systems;
Steel Pipe & Accessories;
DCI Pipe & Accessories;
PVC Pipe & Accessories;
HDPE Pipe & Accessories;
PPR Pipe & Accessories;
GRP/ FRP Pipe & Accessories;
Valves and Control Systems;
Jointing, Fitting & Coupling;
Leak Detector, Locator;

and more derivative items for transmission & distribution systems of raw water, clean water, waste water, oil & fuel, gases, steam, heat and energy.

Major Products / Services
  • Water Meter for Hot & Cold Water
    MEINECKE/ INVENSYS/ SENSUS Metering System Germany, Bulk Water Meter
    PAMETERINDO Type PAM Domestic Water Meter
  • Gate Valve, Check Valve, Float Valve, Air Valve, Butterfly Valve, Foot Valve
    Valve ex-Import
    - VALVOTUBI Ind. SRL - Italy
    - AVA Flow Indnesia - S'Pore
    - Vivalco - USA
  • Piping System for Water, Oil and Gas
    STEEL PIPE : - ERW Steel Pipe
    - Spiral Welded Steel Pipe

    Ex-Factory : - Alim Ampuh Jaya Steel (AJS)
    - Alim Surya Steel (ASS)
    - Bumi Kaya Steel Industries (BKSI)
    - Bakrie Pipe Industries (BPI)
    - Pabrik Pipa Indonesia (PPI)
  • Plumbing & Sanitary Pipe System
    Pipa HDPE/ PE : +George Fischer
    +PENGUIN Polyware
    Pipa PE-RT +George Fischer
    Pipa PPR
  • Steel Profile
    Complete range of steel profile
  • Flow Meter for Liquids, Slurry, Oil/ Fuel, Gas
    Meter untuk Minyak
    Meter untuk Energy
    Meter untuk Gas
    Meter untuk Chemical
  • Electric Watt Meter
    Meter untuk Listrik
    Meter untuk Panas/ Energy

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